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Our family loves the water. I mean, who doesn't love watching their little ones splash and giggle in the waves?

But that deep love of the ocean extends far beyond those fun, long days at the beach. Our seas and oceans are suffering while we continue to pollute them with rubbish, oil and sewage.

ocean and model with tribal beach towel

So when I came across The Clean Ocean Foundation, I had to get in touch to see what we could do to help.

The Clean Ocean Foundation is an Australian environmental charity whose aim is to preserve marine environment by stopping all forms of ocean pollution. It welcomes the positive contribution of all those who value the ocean and its inhabitants. The foundation was established back in 2000 in Victoria by beachcombers, swimmers, fishermen and surfers with the common goal to stop ocean pollution and restore oceans to their former health.

From today (February 1st, 2021), Tribal Beach will donate 10% of our sale profits to The Clean Ocean Foundation to help them rid our oceans of waste and pollution.

Read more about the foundation and its important work here.

If you have a charity you would like us to consider donating to, please get in touch.

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